He’s shy. Too shy.

So there’s this guy I’ve been texting and talking to for a few weeks now and we haven’t had time to hang out or anything; until last night. We finally hung out and it was okay. We just walked around and talked to get to know each other better or whatever. It didn’t last long because he had things to do but he walked me to my dorm room and something weird happened. I didn’t realize I was waiting for a kiss but when I thought about it later, I was subconsciously doing it. I was just looking at him and waiting. He was laughing and was like you’re doing something I read about. You could tell he wanted to do something but he couldn’t. He finally pushed himself to grab me to kiss me and I lean it to meet him half way but I feel nothing. He stops. “What are you doing?” I said. He says something about he’s messed up with other girls because they push him to do things he doesnt want to. I tell him don’t do anything you don’t want to. He says ok and then tries to kiss me again. He finally does but it’s really awkward. He leaves and I call my friend to tell her about it. He texts me later and tells me he’s finish doing what made him leave early and then calls me and asks if I want him to come back. I tell him no and that’s ok. He seems really disappointed and we hang up.

         Now listen, I’m not the most experienced person, but damn a kiss? You can’t even kiss me? It’s just a kiss dude. I’m at this point in my life were I don’t want to deal with inexperienced people. I really want to get someone that knows everything and learn from him. I want to give him another chance and I probably will but it’s like I have too much going on in my life to deal with guys that are too shy to even kiss me. I don’t know. I’ll just go with the flow and let things happen. If anything else happens with him, yall will be the second to know (after my best friend I have to tell her first). I’ll keep you posted.





This is my first post, of course. This website is going to talk about the community I’m part of which is the Beyhive, the fanbase of Beyonce. This name is perfect for us because her nickname sometimes is Queen Bey so she’s our Queen Bee and we are like her worker bees who do all the dirty work for.  This blog is not meant to convince you to like Beyonce or explain to you what the BeyHive does. This blog is personal. I’m just going to sometimes address how I feel about Beyonce, the Beyhive and some of the criticisms we get. Anytime I feel like talking about Beyonce, I’ll come to this blog to do it. This is just my unstructured thoughts. Hope you like it.

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Lost my virginity!!!


My blog virginity that is. This is my very first blog post. I’m going to share everything. Even though I’m putting it online this isn’t really for people to get to know me better. It’s really for me to get to know myself better.  I don’t expect people to read it and that’s ok. I’m doing to for myself. I’m challenging myself to open up more and this is the way I want to do it. This is going to be like a diary. I’m going to try and post everyday, but we’ll see how that goes. Welp! See you tomorrow!!!