Reasons Why I Don’t Watch Scandal Anymore

Is this thing on? I’ve been gone for so long I forgot my password. I might write two posts today since I don’t know when I’m going to be inspired again to write. But anyways……

Anyone who knows me knows I use to love Scandal. I would always talk about it to anyone who listened. I put a lot of people on the show. I think I started watching it when the beginning of the second season started airing. I searched the show on the internet, watched the first season and got caught up. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was a fan of Olitz (Olivia and Fitz). I shipped them so hard. I fell for the “they love each other, it’s true love, Mellie doesn’t care” crap. They were one of the biggest reasons why I watched the show. I also loved how powerful and fearless Olivia and her team were. Every week they would solve these impossible tasks and everything would work out. Olivia was this beautiful, strong, powerful, smart, well dressed black woman and I just loved everything about her. I never seen anything like Scandal on TV before. I was hooked. But that was before. That was season 1 and 2. This 3rd season…..

I believe the third season started sometime in October and I couldn’t wait. I was counting down the days. And the day finally came. I don’t remember too much about the premiere, but I think I left satisfied. It was all good. But as we started getting deeper into the show, I saw myself being unsatisfied. I felt myself becoming more and more uninterested. I wouldn’t rush to my computer to watch it the very next morning on my computer (I don’t have a TV in my dorm). And I didn’t care that I was missing it because I felt like I wasn’t missing much. But when I went home for the winter break, I took a day to catch up on about 5 episodes and they were a waste of time. 

Scandal use to primarily be about Olivia and her team solving a crisis every week. That was the main plot. The second plot was her affair with the President and some other scandal with Cyrus or someone else on the show. Now the tables have turned. The show is all about the affair, something Cyrus did or something Huck did. It’s all mess. They don’t even show Olivia and her team anymore. Everything and everyone has fell apart and it’s not pleasing to watch. I’m not satisfied. It’s okay for the moment and it had a lot of shock value, but it’s not as good as it use to be. They have these big omg moments every episode. Every episode feels like a finale and it feels like they are trying to outdo themselves every week and every episode doesn’t tie in to the previous ones.

Also, they refuse to give Harrison a story line. Why? I mean a real story line. But then again, I don’t really know maybe they have since I stopped watching it two episodes ago, but it’s getting ridiculous. The most sane person on the show doesn’t have a story line and we don’t know his back story.

But my biggest problem with this show is the affair. Like I said I was all here for Olivia and Fitz in the beginning. two beautiful strong powerful people who were in love with each other. I felt like Olivia unlike Mellie was on Fitz’s level and that’s why he loved her so much. They couldn’t help them selves and I said to myself I pray to God someone loves me the way Fitz loves Olivia. But now, my opinion has taken a complete 180. I can’t stand Olitz. They are getting on my damn nerves. Every time it seems like they are about to be together, something happens. And that use to be entertaining. That use to be enough. I understood why it was happening, you have to keep everything interesting. But we are in the 3rd season all this back and forth shit is for the birds. It seems never ending. Are they ever going to get together? If not, what’s the point of the show. I mean if they are going to stop seeing each other than do that! Just come to a conclusion. Also, I don’t believe what they have is true love and I don’t believe they would work outside of an affair.. I believe they are both lost damaged souls that need to work on themselves first. Fitz always talks about how Olivia is everything and how he would give up everything just to be with her. A lot of people look at that as romantic and say it’s true love but I don’t think so. Because what will happen is Olivia is going to be expected to give up everything for him and she has been in a position where it was him or her career and she chose her career. First of all, one person shouldn’t be your everything. You shouldn’t have to give up everything for a person. You shouldn’t have to give up your career, something you worked so hard for. Love shouldn’t challenge what you find in your career. You should be able to have your career and love. If you choose love, you’re going to wind up resenting that other person. I also don’t think Fitz really loves Olivia because they aren’t even in a real relationship. They only see each other for a few hours or a day at a time. that’s not a real relationship. How do they know it’s even going to work? They don’t. I also don’t want people to think I’m just putting all the blame on Fitz because I’m not. I also don’t want people to fall for that “well Mellie is okay with it” shit. Mellie is not okay with it and just because someone lets you get away with doing wrong doesn’t mean you should do it. All three of them are lost damaged souls. They all have a distorted view of love. This affair is all their faults.

I also don’t believe Fitz loves Olivia as much as he says he does. Giving up shit that you don’t want or aren’t doing a good job at isn’t hard. He makes it seem like he’s giving up so much but he doesn’t even want to be president to begin with. He just makes it seem like he’s giving it up for Olivia. I also agree with what Olivia’s dad said about Fitz earlier in the season. Olivia is Fitz’s escape. When he’s with Mellie he has to be this person that people expect him to be. This politician. This person in power. He has to face everything and everyone. With Olivia he doesn’t have to do that. You might call it “being himself” but I call it running from his problems. He can be a regular old person with Olivia. She’s his escape. There isn’t much pressure. That’s why he wants to be with her so much and that isn’t love to me. 

Another problem I have with the show is Olivia. The character herself is annoying now. She’s always crying or doing this lip quiver. She’s off her game. She’s sooo damaged it’s not even entertaining to watch. She has mommy issues, daddy issues, self worth issues the whole works. Shonda (the show’s creator and head writer) and Kerry Washington say all this stuff about how they write this stuff for her to make her seem real. All this shit doesn’t make her seem real it makes her seem weak. The affair makes her look weak and stupid. Another weak women, America! I don’t know about any one else, but I started watching this show to see a strong black smart woman do her thing. I didn’t tune in to see that women unravel into a mess. That’s not interesting to watch, it’s pathetic!

I feel like this has became a rant so I’m going to stop. I stopped watching the show maybe 3 episodes ago and I honestly don’t miss. I’ve been getting into some other shows to replace Scandal. I heard people talk about a show called House of Cards that’s kind of on the same wavelength as Scandal and I might check it out. 

I use to be a huge fan but they’ve lost me forever. I see a lot of people on Twitter talk about how they don’t like the show but they still watch it and I don’t get it. I don’t get sticking it out for a show. Give it a few chances but you aren’t obligated to continue watching especially when there are so many other good shows out there to watch. The show’s writers have an obligation to the audience to make good material and that’s it. So if you feel the way I do, you can stop watching if you want to. Maybe the ratings will drop and they’ll fix the problems. Maybe they won’t. I don’t know. I just know they lost me.




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