Where I Stand With Religion Right Now

Im typing this on my phone so it won’t be long and might have a lot of typos. I got the sudden urge to blog. I usually blog for a purpose and my posts usually have structure but im just sharing my thoughts. 

I’m at a weird place when it comes to religion. Maybe it’s not weird but it feels like it. Im slowly but surely stepping away from religion and going towards spirituality. 

Here’s some background on religion in my life. For a good portion of my childhood,  my mom was Catholic and would go to church off and on.  My grandma was Baptist and would never miss a service.  I never really felt anything when I went to my mom’s Catholic church but LOVED my grandma’s Baptist church. Long story short I started identifying Baptist as my choice of religion. And I kind of still do.

Here’s my thing with religion. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus.  I believe in a bunch of stuff in the Baptist religion. But I dont really believe in the Bible. I dont believe you should live your life based on what a book says. I don’t believe you should strive for perfection. I dont believe God wants you to live by a word. And I don’t believe you will go to heaven that way. Because you know what there are people who do live by the word but are judgemental,  jealous messy people so what is living by the word doing for you? I don’t believe God doesn’t want you to have fun, live your life or not be the person you truly are.

I believe God just wants you to be a good person. Just because that’s the right thing to do. And he knows you will mess up but he just wants you to try. Amd I don’t believe he expects you to pray every day and he knows a lot of people will come to him only when they are in a crisis and forget about him later. He knows this and I dont think its that big of a deal to him. To me, I think all he wants you to do is believe in him and have faith that he knows what’s best for you and he will steer you in the right direction in life. I dont believe he wants you to live your life by a bunch of rules.

And since religion is basically a bunch of rules, that’s why I think im becoming more spiritual. It’s more natural.  To me religion is a buffer or the 3rd party getting into the way of you and God.

It’s funny because anytime I see someone post something that has Jesus in it, im lIle cant you life your life for yourself? Cant you have your own thoughts and base life on your own judgements.  Thats what I believe God wants us to do. 

I know a left a lot out but yeah this was just suppose to be quick. And you might not agree with me and thats okay but this is just where im at in life.

P.S. He should be capitalized but I didnt feel like doing all that.


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